We’re excited to announce our partnership with Monetum

  • Manuel Sira
What do some of the most famous business collaborations have in common? Innovation, of course!
At Radix, we love nothing more than working with other forward-thinking organizations to design new customer solutions.
That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Monetum, a company that is transforming the future of payments! Monetum aims to build a bridge between currencies (such as crypto and fiat) simplifying the customer experience. They are currently developing a range of ground-breaking solutions in the financial services space. We have a joint mission to make technology both user-friendly and accessible to all. That, together with our combined expertise, means the sky’s the limit!

The first learn to earn Metaverse, Metable

  • Manuel Sira
Have you already tried the first education Metaverse? We are glad to announce that we helped the development of Metable, the first learn to earn Metaverse, an innovative solution to traditional e-learning platforms: it's much easier to teach history if you 'are' in the relevant historical environment! Here teachers and students as well as businesses and investors can learn whilst earning money. To check how blockchain software development can improve your business, contact us.

Radix acquired a percentage of the share capital of Uncommon Digital

  • Manuel Sira

Are you looking for a safe way to buy and sell online? We know that many people are, which is why we’re so proud to work with Uniscrow! As part of our mission to help startups thrive, we bought some of Uncommon Digital’s shares (the startup behind Uniscrow). It feels great to help such a dynamic team that is shaking up the world of business-to-business transactions. Uniscrow offers parties a secure escrow solution for protecting their payments and managing their deals more effectively. What’s more, rather than being reliant on fallible humans, verifiable and autonomous smart contracts secure the funds instead. How is this possible? The answer is by using blockchain and crypto technology, of course! At Radix, we are passionate about transforming the world through blockchain solutions. So, make 2023 the year you embrace blockchain!

Introducing… Davide Carboni, PhD our new co-founder!

  • Manuel Sira

Introducing… Davide Carboni, PhD our new co-founder! Davide has a PhD in computer science and a wide experience in dealing with crypto projects. Davide brings all this expertise and knowledge to the Radix team and we are delighted to be working together. As if that wasn’t enough, he is also Davide is also the founder and CEO of Uniscrow (an innovative escrow-as-a-service platform based on smart contracts). As we look ahead to 2023, here’s to a collaborative future!

Radix acquired a percentage of the share capital of Billalo

  • Manuel Sira

Billalo is reshaping the advertising world and bringing it firmly into the digital era. We recently purchased 10% of Billalo’s share capital as part of a wider agreement. Billalo is a platform for analyzing, buying and selling out-of-home advertising units. Thanks to our agreement, Billalo will be launching its supply and demand platforms on the Italian market in January. First Italy, then…the world!