Our projects


Among many activities performed in the fintech and blockchain domain are:

Refactoring of a monolithic online banking solution through migration to a public cloud provider, integration of legacy systems with a new microservices structure aimed at improving business continuity, observability and scalability of the system, a monitoring and disaster recovery system;

Development of a digital platform for the creation of the “work for hire” type digital agreements of with the use of a blockchain;

Realization of a platform for the creation of ICO (Initial Coin Offer), tokens including kyc, orders and payments management.

Creation of a platform to create and manage different types of tokens, fungible and NFTs, through a simple, low-cost service compatible with the world's most widely used blockchains.

Implementation of a mobile application for buying and selling Bitcoin.

We report some of the activities carried out in the field of business continuity and system integration:

Development of a business continuity system in cloud, based on dns, which guarantees the high availability of resources. If one of these is offline or has a problem, the system sends a notification on a system chosen by the customer (telegram, slack, mail, etc.) and performs, if desired, an automation on the dns record in order to solve the problem of unavailability of the resource in a few seconds;

Migration of an on-premise infrastructure based on containers on public cloud with setup of a monitoring system, a business intelligence system and setup of a continuous integration and continuous deployment system.

In the advertising and e-commerce industry, we have performed numerous activities including:

Development of a digital cloud based platform of out of home advertising intelligence, for the management of advertising assets, processes, campaigns and orders;

Refactoring of an existing mobile app towards a modern mobile app, developed through a single technology in order to have a high quality product both on android and ios and low maintenance and publishing costs;

Development and refactoring of mobile applications (android and iOS) in multiplatform mode with high performance and low maintenance and publishing costs.

Some of the activities performed for startups that have chosen us as their strategic business partners:

Development of a chatbot platform and an algorithm with virtual sommelier functionality;

Creation of a digital platform through the development of a cloud-based dashboard for the creation of advertising campaigns;

Development of a dashboard on which to perform experiments for the granular fractionation of rights and fees related to intellectual property assets.

Our projects