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Our app development & Devops projects

These are some of the app development projects we have been working on in the fintech and blockchain domain:

For instance, we refactored a monolithic online banking solution by migrating to a public cloud provider. We managed the integration of legacy systems with a new microservices structure. This was aimed at improving the business continuity, observability and scalability of the system. We continue to control the entire process with a monitoring and disaster recovery system;

We also developed a platform for the creation of digital "work for hire" agreements using a blockchain;

We implemented a mobile application for the purchase and sale of Bitcoins. Of course, app development and implementation go hand in hand. We have the know-how to provide a seamless service for you;

We developed a platform for the creation of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). This included, for example, tokens with KYC (Know Your Customer), management of orders and payments;

Additionally, we created a platform to create and manage different types of tokens, both fungible and non-fungible tokens. We did this via a simple service, with reduced costs. This was also compatible with the most commonly used blockchains in the world;

As you can see, we have a wealth of experience in app development within the fintech and blockchain arena. Are you planning to implement your own fintech and blockchain project?

We don't just offer app development support. Indeed, here is what we have developed in the field of business continuity and system integration:

A business continuity system in the cloud, based on DNS, which guarantees the high availability of resources. If one of these is offline or has a problem, a notification is sent on the customer's chosen platform. Moreover, we can solve the problem of the unavailability of the resource in a few seconds;

Migrating an on-premises container-based infrastructure to a public cloud. We set up the monitoring system, the business intelligence system and the continuous integration and continuous deployment system;

Whether you require app development or are planning to equip your company with a business continuity system, we can help.

How have we supported our customers in the advertising and e-commerce sector?

We developed a cloud-based digital platform for out-of-home advertising intelligence. As you might imagine, this could be used for the management of advertising assets, processes, campaigns and orders;

We dedicated ourselves to the refactoring of an existing mobile app to a modern mobile app. This app development process successfully harnessed a single technology, thereby making it an ideal solution for our customer. It ensured that they had a high-quality product on Android and iOS, but with low maintenance and publishing costs;

Finally, we assisted a customer with mobile app development and refactoring (Android and iOS) in high performance multiplatform mode. Alongside this, we ensured low maintenance and publishing costs.

Do you need software that is tailored to advertising or to manage your e-commerce?

Our aim is not only to provide our expertise in app development, but to be your strategic partner. Here you will find some solutions we have created for new companies that were entering the market in different sectors.

Firstly, we developed a chatbot platform and an algorithm with virtual sommelier functionality;

Secondly, we created a digital platform through the development of a cloud-based dashboard, for the creation of advertising campaigns;

Thirdly, we developed an experiment dashboard for dividing up intellectual property rights and payments.

Are you looking for a trusted partner to help launch and develop your startup?

For fintech and beyond

Our app development & Devops projects