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Our team

Why choose Radix for your business needs?

We are a group of professionals that go far beyond the definition of software developers. As a team, we have years of experience across many fields, such as ICT, industry, research and academia. Our diverse backgrounds make us unique, bringing together knowledge and skills acquired in a variety of sectors. We always have open minds to develop new applications and hands ready to write codes and shape our customers’ projects.

Our history

Radix was established in 2016 as a software house by Manuel Sira, Francesco Cabras and Giovanni Casu. Over time, our expertise has grown and we now specialise in the development of web applications, software, cloud and also blockchain.

Our values

We believe that it is important to contribute to the future of our sector and to the knowledge of all. For this reason, we release our projects as open source. Everyone can therefore access the parts of our source code that is most useful to them.


Training is integral to our daily routine. We all participate in courses to enhance our skills and develop new ones. Consequently, we keep ourselves up to date and we can give solutions in line with the latest sector developments.


Teamwork is fundamental for us. We are a close-knit team working in a relaxed atmosphere. In fact, we dedicate a small part of each working day to playful team building activities. This makes our environment less stressful and more productive, as well as enhancing our creativity and activating gamification processes. We can thereby think outside the box and propose alternative ideas to our customers.

Let's save our land

We are keen to help achieve the objectives set by the 2030 Agenda. We have therefore decided to do something tangible for the well-being and protection of the environment. That's why we chose to support Treedom. As part of this, we are contributing to the repopulation of vegetation by planting trees in South America and Africa.

Image Manuel Sira

Manuel Sira

Founder & Dev-Ops
Image Francesco Cabras

Francesco Cabras

Co-Founder & Solution Architect
Image Giovanni Casu

Giovanni Casu

Co-Founder & Software Architect
Image Davide Carboni

Davide Carboni

Co-Founder & Blockchain Expert
Image Arianna Trastu

Arianna Trastu

Web Developer
Image Dennis Incollu

Dennis Incollu

Frontend/Mobile Developer
Image Giovanni Moreddu

Giovanni Moreddu

Backend Developer
Image Anna Brughitta

Anna Brughitta

Web Developer
Image Alberto Aresu

Alberto Aresu

Full Stack Developer
Image Sergio Piras

Sergio Piras

Backend developer
Image Gianluca Serra

Gianluca Serra

UX Designer
Image Andrea Santona

Andrea Santona

Frontend Developer
Image Matteo Angrisano

Matteo Angrisano

Backend Developer

Want to join us?

Working at Radix is an engaging and challenging experience. You will have the chance to really contribute to our different projects. Moreover, you will have a stimulating working environment and an opportunity to improve your skills.

We are always looking for new developers to join our team!

In particular, we are currently looking for a front-end developer. Send us your resumé by e-mail.